AllPath Director

(Formerly known as Alpine Orchestration System)


AOS orchestrates the Glass Core


Fiber Mountain’s Glass Core integrates software and hardware innovations to transform network infrastructure. AllPath Director makes use of Intelligent Connection Identification (ICID) and high-density fiber optics to enable SDN control of packet flows and physical connectivity from the same screen.

Product Description

Fiber Mountain’s AllPath Director is a centralized SDN orchestration system which provides real-time visibility and abstracted network control extensible to hyperscale data centers. AllPath Director optimizes multiple layers (up to layer 4), which is necessary for data center scaling, protection and capacity planning for optical and data plane (packet) layers. 

Programmatic SDN control via Fiber Mountain’s AllPath Director is unique because it is not confined to just packet processing over a static infrastructure. AllPath Director ‘software defines’ the physical layer as well.

With a global view of the network’s resources including physical assets, AllPath Director maintains a centralized topology in real time, capable of tracking changes to the network, whether logical or physical.

The key differentiator for Fiber Mountain’s system solution is the ability to include the physical layer for flow criteria, rules, actions and programming end-to-end fiber connectivity through Programmable Light Paths.      

Fiber Mountain’s AllPath Director provides the central trigger for connection setup. In addition to programming flows to switches, it also includes software-controlled physical connectivity; remotely moving the physical layer and removing the need for manual labor to complete moves, adds and changes.

AllPath Director enables a smooth migration plan to allow the Fiber Mountain Glass Core to co-exist with incumbent network infrastructures.

Fiber Mountain’s ICID technology, embedded in fiber port aggregators, packet switches, and active optical cross connects and orchestrated by the AllPath Director ICID  controller engine, turns the physical layer into an additional network asset that can be secured, monitored, configured and provisioned remotely, also known as Connectivity Virtualization. The architecture of the AllPath Director orchestration system accommodates rapid development and integration of new features and functions, such as enhanced traffic engineering. This is a significant benefit for data centers, for NFV functions, and for tuning OTN. 

AllPath Director provides a northbound RESTful API for integration with other systems such as OpenStack. Also embedded within AllPath Director are network planning tools and DCIM functions for network asset management. Workflow management provides a vehicle to ensure scheduling and accountability of day-to-day tasks in the network. An AllPath Director installer application significantly reduces installation complexity through the automation of initial startup processes.   

Product Features

  • Software-controlled moves, adds and changes
  • Network Topology Management with auto-discovered views that include physical assets
  • Physical Layer Monitoring and Configuration of intelligent cabling and fiber port aggregators
  • Security for the physical layer infrastructure
  • Network and Data Center Alarm Management
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Workflow Management
  • Data Center Infrastructure Management
  • Network Planning and Installation Tools
  • Support for northbound REST API interfaces 

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