AllPath Connect

Intelligent Cabling for SDN

(Formerly known as Alpine Connect) 

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Fiber Mountain’s Glass Core integrates software and hardware innovations to transform network infrastructure. AllPath Director makes use of Intelligent Connection Identification (ICID) and high-density fiber optics to enable SDN control of packet flows and physical connectivity from the same screen.

Product Description

Fiber Mountain’s AllPath Connect family of fiber port aggregators (FPAs) and ICID-enabled cables are physical layer products which report to the SDN orchestration system to provide centralized visibility and software control, extensible to hyperscale data center networks.  

Fiber Mountain’s AllPath Director monitors and reconfigures these FPAs and intelligent cables, turning the physical layer into an additional network asset that can be secured, monitored, configured and provisioned remotely, also known as Connectivity Virtualization.  

AllPath Connect equipment detects and logs any moves, adds and changes (MAC) automatically, and maintains  current and historical records. ICID technology provides unique identification of ports and cabling along with real-time visibility of connections to AllPath Director, providing always-accurate asset management of the physical layer and eliminating the need for periodic cable audits.

AllPath Connect FPA ports are also ICID-enabled, providing AllPath Director with full real-time visibility of the physical infrastructure with an accurate inventory view of all cables. This simplifies troubleshooting, making it easy to spot subtle cable mismatches, such as the mixing of OM3 and OM4 cables, without an in-person visual inspection. Multicolor LEDs per port, controlled via AllPath Director, assist in port identification and network maintenance.

When deployed as part of the Glass Core, AllPath Connect FPAs and cabling can be reconfigured and reconnected via the central AllPath Director. This enables software-controlled MAC, a first in the industry.

Product Features

  • Centralized monitoring and configuration of software controlled FPAs and cables
  • Alarm Management, active and historical
  • Module types accommodate straight and flipped cable assemblies.
  • Port Identification with multicolor LEDs to increase maintenance efficiency. 
  • Panel power includes option for POE
  • Builds network intelligence into Glass Core architecture, allowing AllPath Director to discover and display a complete and accurate view of the physical topology.

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