OPX Solutions

OPX is a software-controlled Layer 1 switch offering 160 ports in a slim 1 RU form factor with 5 nanosecond port-to-port latency.

OPX may be managed via a built-in web interface for standalone instances, or with the AllPath Director for larger deployments. A RESTful API is available for integration with third-party management and orchestration systems.

Use Cases:

Layer 1 SDN Switching Automated Cross Connect
High Density TAP & TAP Aggregation Test Automation
One-to-Many Data Broadcast 4K Video Distribution


Layer 1 SDN Switching

Layer 1 SDN figure 

Problem: Improvements in the network have typically ignored the physical layer, leaving it with no software management and limited visibility.

Solution: Intelligent fiber panels and OPX for SDN-controlled cross-connect with high-density onboard optics allow direct, high-bandwidth connections between devices with protocol transparency and much lower latency compared to alternative switch-based systems. These Programmable Light Path (PLP) connections are configured and reconfigured by the AllPath Director orchestration system without the need for human hands to manually move cables.


Automated Cross Connect

Automated Cross Connect figure 

Problem: In today’s colocation data centers, the delivery of Meet-Me-Room services is manual, and takes days or even weeks to complete. Technicians physically establish or change connections and document them by hand, which is an expensive, time-consuming process subject to human error.

Solution: Fiber Mountain’s CrossCage Plus uses the award-winning Glass Core to complete colocation data center cross-connect requests in minutes instead of weeks!


High Density TAP & TAP Aggregation

TAP figure 

Problem: Comprehensive network monitoring with traditional TAP approaches requires an entire parallel network, which makes it a huge investment in infrastructure, space and complexity.

Solution: Managed by AllPath Director, AllPath Connect panels in each rack connected to the servers/storage and OPX with its unique active TAP can simultaneously multicast flows to their destinations and as many monitoring devices as required. Measured at five nanoseconds of latency port-to-port, OPX offers "bump in the wire" transport of data with protocol transparency.


Test Automation

Test Automation via Layer 1 SDN

Problem: Network and Cloud infrastructure lab tests often require the interconnection of many servers, network switches and other infrastructure elements. Manual re-rewiring of 1G, 10G or 40G network connections between devices under test (DUT), test equipment and traffic sources is time consuming and subject to human error.The ability to switch rapidly between systems under test is not practical using manual methods.

Solution: Fiber Mountain's OPX features a flexible API interface to configure and reconfigure device connectivity among its 160 ports via software, no manual rewiring required. This introduces the ability to switch rapidly between systems under test, with speed and accuracy unavailable through conventional manual approaches, and enables the execution of fully automated test suites.

One-to-Many Data Broadcast

OPX - One to Many Data Broadcast

Problem: Applications such as high frequency and low latency trading, video stream distribution and security analytics require high speed data streams to be sent to many destinations in parallel. Traditional switching approaches add too much latency and do not scale effectively.

Solution: Fiber Mountain's Layer 1 switching solutions allow data to be broadcast simultaneously to 160 destinations with a single OPX - or many thousands of destinations with cascaded OPX units. Ultra low latency of 5 nanoseconds per hop and bit-level replication allow data to arrive at multiple destinations with extremely low data skew.

4K Video Distribution

SDN 4K Video Solutions

Problem: 4K video streams require unprecedented amounts of bandwidth for high-quality, uncompressed delivery.

Solution: A Glass Core network of OPX optical switches connected to video input and output devices via ICID-enabled AllPath Connect panels offers the industry’s highest optical connection density. Managed by AllPath Director, this architecture supports uncompressed 4K video streams with 10/40/100 Gbps port switching, with ultra-low five nanoseconds port-to-port latency and the ability to simultaneously multicast multiple sources to many destinations.

Components of Fiber Mountain’s Glass Core:

  • OPX - Optical Path Exchange offers 160x10Gbps ports with dense MPO connectors and on-board optics. It has been measured at five nanoseconds port-to-port latency, enabling "bump-in-the-wire" optical switching with multicast support.
  • AllPath Connect family of fiber breakout interfaces, fiber port aggregators and ICID-enabled cables enable AllPath Director to configure and reconfigure direct Programmable Light Path (PLP) connections between devices without the need for human hands to manually move cables.
  • AllPath Director is a centralized SDN orchestration system that provides real-time visibility and control of the network. This orchestration system is unique among SDN controllers because it is not confined to just packet processing over a static infrastructure. AllPath Director ‘software defines’ the physical layer.
Note: AllPath Director was formerly known as Alpine Orchestration System and AllPath Connect was formerly known as Alpine Connect.

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