What the experts are saying about Fiber Mountain:



“Cool Vendors are those that have caught Gartner's interest during the past year because they offer innovative and/or high-potential technologies or solutions. In this report, we highlight five vendors whose products have the potential to impact CSP infrastructure — such as cloud-based offerings — with newer SD-WAN control for elastic network services, vCPE service orchestration and emerging MEC solutions, as well as innovative MVNO offerings.”

Gartner “Cool Vendors in Communications Service Provider Infrastructure, 2016” by Akshay K. Sharma, Sylvain Fabre, Mentor Cana, Peter Liu, Kosei Takiishi, Takeshi Ikeda, April 26, 2016.



“Leveraging [Fiber Mountain’s] innovative optical networking Glass Core, CrossCage implements fully software-driven carrier connections in colocation facilities’ ‘meet-me rooms’ where multiple carriers place endpoints to their networks for colocation customers to access.”

Jason Bloomberg, contributor, Forbes - Software-Defined Everything Begins With The Network



“In the world of SDN, Layers 2 and 3 tend to take all the glory. But Fiber Mountain's Glass Core architecture puts the focus on the physical layer for the first time.”

Jessica Scarpati, contributor, TechTarget SearchSDN - Fiber Mountain Glass Core embraces Layer 1 devices, software



“The release addresses the manual constraints of the Meet-Me-Room by completing collocation data center cross-connect requests in seconds. And, at the recent industry event, the solution earned another Best in Show award for the trophy case.”

Maurice Nagle, editor, Transforming Network Infrastructure - Industry First Nets Fiber Mountain Best in Show



“Fiber Mountain’s ability to co-exist with current architectures, and its recommended approach of initially serving 10 to 15 racks, may provide the company and its “software-defined-fiber-connectivity” technology the opportunity to capitalize on the expected market growth.”

Patrick McLaughlin, chief editor, Cabling Installation & Maintenance - For cabling, SDN can hit close to home



“Fiber Mountain is making a bold attempt to redefine what we think of as the networking system from the cables up. The offering gives a glimpse as to what datacenter networking will look like in the future as it increasingly depends on high capacity optical links.”

Peter Christy, analyst, 451 Research - Fiber Mountain shows that a glass ceiling in the datacenter isn't all bad



“The Fiber Mountain solution doesn’t use BGP or MPLS or any other magic protocol sauce. It runs at layer 1. The light paths are programmed by [AllPath Director] and the packets are switched across the dense fiber connections. It’s almost elegant in the simplicity.”

Tom Hollingsworth, analyst, Foskett Services - The Light On The Fiber Mountain



“Fiber Mountain has displayed its commitment to quality and innovation in the development of the data center industry. I look forward to witnessing continued excellence from Fiber Mountain and their efforts toward improving the future of the data center industry.”

Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC - Data Center Excellence Award Announcement



“The startup (Fiber Mountain) makes software-controlled optical cross connects designed to avoid as much packet processing as possible by establishing what amounts to directly attached, point-to-point fiber links between data center server ports.”

Jim Duffy, managing editor, NetworkWorld - Will enhanced servers do away with need for switches?



“A flatter and simpler data center network will better lend itself to software-defined networking and network virtualization. Virtualizing enterprise servers has led to big savings in IT hardware expenses; over the next 10 years virtualizing the network and equipping it with fiber and photonics will produce similar savings in capital and energy expenses.”

Charles Babcock, Editor at Large, InformationWeek - Fiber Mountain Sees Redesigned Data Center Nets 



"On the cost side, fewer switches means less infrastructure to buy and less infrastructure to maintain. This translates into lower CapEx for network hardware and cabling, lower OpEx for power and cooling and a reduction in administrative overhead. In addition to cost savings, the performance boost Fiber Mountain’s technology gives the network seems to be well-suited for environments also looking at software-defined storage."

Erik Slack, senior analyst, Storage Switzerland - Fiber Mountain’s Software-Defined Networking lowers Network Latency and Cost 



“The concept of dumping expensive hardware for cheaper optics was clearly attractive at Interop. On an otherwise sleepy show floor, Fiber Mountain's booth had lines of visitors, and Raza gave one Glass Core demonstration after another.”

Rivka Little, senior site editor, SearchSDN (TechTarget) - Who needs core switches when you have optical fabric? 



“Without question, hyperscale and other large data centers are looking for solutions that can help manage growth. Emerging vendors such as Fiber Mountain are helping provide the much needed vision to simplify network architectures with centralized and dynamic control over packet flows, enabling unprecedented efficiency within data center networks,

Rohit Mehra, vice president, network architecture, IDC - Fiber Mountain launch announcement 



“The incremental improvements alone that Fiber Mountain offers will convince owners of existing data centers to try the new technology – and the company justifiably believes such trials will quickly lead to full buildouts. My guess, however, is that once the public cloud industry is comfortable that Fiber Mountain can adequately scale up production, they will scramble to build all their new data centers with Fiber Mountain’s optical technology throughout. It won’t be long until we see those now-obsolete multi-million dollar core switches that Fiber Mountain will be kicking to the curb going for pennies on the dollar on eBay.”

Jason Bloomberg, contributor to Forbes and president of Intellyx - Innovation in Short Supply at Interop 



“Fiber Mountain developed sophisticated orchestration software to virtualize connectivity and reconfigure physical fiber connections through software,”

Jim Duffy, managing editor, NetworkWorld - Startups look to eliminate routers, switches 



“[Fiber Mountain is] a bold rethinking of basic data center infrastructure that you don’t see too often,”

John Dix, editor-in-chief, NetworkWorld - Startup proposes fiber-based Glass Core as a bold rethink of data center networking