Digital Transformation: Fiber Mountain's Middle Name

By Maurice Nagle, Transforming Network Infrastructure | June 27, 2017

The wheels of progress turn with purpose, innovation is driving digital transformation and at the epicenter is the data center. Pioneering the data center shift is Fiber Mountain, which recently put its new wares on display at Interop ITX, and this week at Cisco Live unveiled an expanded roster of offerings.

With Cisco Live serving as center stage, the Glass Core Company announced the arrival of myriad of offerings, including a new AllPath OPX Layer 1 Optical Path Exchange as well as new families of Fiber Port Aggregators.



Loosely Defining the Software-Defined Data Center

By Arthur Cole, IT Business Edge | June 1, 2017

The software-defined data center (SDDC) is on the minds of many enterprise executives these days, but aside from the broad outlines of a fully virtualized infrastructure, there is little in the way of a clear direction as to how it should be architected or what operational parameters it should support.

One thing is certain, however: Organizations of all sizes are starting to view legacy data systems as one of the chief impediments to improved digital services, which themselves are seen as vital for success in the next-generation economy.



Legrand Data Communications and Fiber Mountain™: A Worthwhile Partnership (for many reasons)

Legrand Industry Insights | February 27, 2017

A few months ago, Legrand announced a partnership with Fiber Mountain, Inc., the Glass Core™ Company and provider of transformative software-defined networking (SDN) managed fiber connectivity for enterprise and colocation data centers.

This partnership allows Legrand to offer the Intelligent Cross Connect, providing our customers with a software-managed fiber connectivity layer with Legrand’s extensive range of fiber cabling and connectivity solutions.



Broad Scale Approach Vital to Digital Transformation

By Laura Stotler, Transforming Network Infrastructure | January 19, 2017

The process of digital transformation is massive, mountainous even. To approach this daunting but rewarding undertaking as a one-time project with temporary disruptions and inconveniences would be to fail to understand how complex and comprehensive an endeavor it is. And yet that’s how many companies few the migration path to transforming their network architectures, often to their detriment.

By adopting a broader view of the digital transformation process, organizations can avoid some of the pitfalls of short-sighted and short-term planning. A recent blog post from Fiber Mountain, a company that specializes in transforming network infrastructure and architectures, discusses some of the benefits and impacts of an incremental approach to digital transformation, from the data center out to the end users.



A Look Ahead at ITEXPO with Fiber Mountain

By Maurice Nagle, Transforming Network Infrastructure | January 4, 2017

It’s no secret that innovation is transforming much in the way of operations. From the contact center and conference room to the data center and server stack, software continues its quest to eat the world and we are all the better for it.

Fiber Mountain, the Glass Core Company, sits on the summit of this software-defined development and has its sights set on joining other industry thought leaders at the upcoming ITEXPO. At the event, the Founder and CEO H.M. Raza is taking part in the panel “Expect the Unexpected: What’s Next for Enterprise Networks,” where he and others will explore the next generation in network innovation.



Fiber Mountain included in OIDA Optical Communications Market Update

OIDA Market Update December 2016

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Highlights include an update of the 2016 photonics market, profiles of datacom equipment manufacturers, and an update of the infrared imaging market, 59 pages.



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