Premium Fiber Patch Panels

Featuring LEDs, NFC Capability and Software Control


Fiber Mountain’s Glass Core integrates software and hardware innovations to transform network infrastructure. AllPath Director, OPX , Sensus and L-Series Products combine software orchestration, physical layer intelligence and high-density fiber optics to enable Managed, Dynamic and Secure physical networks.

Product Description

Fiber Mountain’s Sensus and L-Series families of fiber port aggregators (FPAs) are physical layer products which report to the AllPath Director physical layer SDN orchestration software to provide centralized visibility and software control, extensible to hyperscale data center networks. AllPath Director monitors and reconfigures these FPAs, turning the physical layer into an additional network asset that can be secured, monitored, configured and provisioned remotely, also known as Connectivity Virtualization.

Panels with multicolor per-port LEDs, controlled via AllPath Director, assist in port identification and network maintenance.

The Sensus family of panels feature two hot-swappable patching modules with per-port LEDs and NFC capability. Control of the device can be either remotely through AllPath Director or performed on the device through the included management touchscreen.

The LS-2520 is designed as the ideal fiber breakout interface for the Cisco NCS 1002, providing QSFP+ or QSFP28 breakout with direct port mapping and port replication controlled by the connected NCS 1002.

The expanded L-Series provides a wide range of configurations and fiber mapping options, providing high density fiber port aggregation and breakout with the choice of centralized control via AllPath Director or port replication for a specific device.

Fiber Mountain also supplies Super Premium Fiber Optic Cables, available in single mode or multimode with UL-rated plenum, riser or LSZH jackets.


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