QSFP Breakout & Port Mapping with LED Indicators

AllPath® Connect LS-2525

LS-2525 QSFP Breakout & Port Mapping with LED Indicators

Fiber Mountain’s Glass Core integrates software and hardware innovations to transform network infrastructure. AllPath Director, OPX and AllPath Connect combine software orchestration, physical layer intelligence and high-density fiber optics to enable Managed, Dynamic and Secure physical networks.

Product Description

Fiber Mountain’s L-Series Fiber Port Aggregator product line provides interactive fiber breakout interfaces for a wide range of networking devices, to simplify installation and ongoing maintenance of increasingly dense fiber networks. All L-Series models provide LED indicators for each port, which can be controlled locally from the attached network device, via web interface or via Fiber Mountain’s AllPath Director orchestration system. The LS-2525 is designed to interface with switches or routers with MPO or QSFP+ connectors, breaking those connectors out into duplex single mode LC ports with LEDs for status indication or remote guidance of technicians.

Occupying only two RU, the LS-2525 enables the orderly breakout of dense eight-fiber connections into duplex LC ports. The 20 MPO ports on the rear faceplate are internally mapped to 80 duplex LC ports on the front faceplate. The front faceplate port numbering is consistent with the rear port numbering, mapping each rear MPO connector to a block of four duplex LC ports (see diagram below).

Configurable LEDs:

Each port-associated LED (20 on the rear faceplate and 80 on the front faceplate) is tri-color; supporting red, green and amber. Depending on the selected configuration options, each LED’s color may be set to represent the associated network device’s port status, or may be controlled remotely for purposes such as technician guidance or any other defined criteria.

LS-2525 connectivity