Optical Path Exchange (OPX)

AP-4300 OPX



AP-4340 Optical Path Exchange

(AP-4340 OPX shown)

Fiber Mountain’s Glass Core integrates software and hardware innovations to transform network infrastructure. AllPath Director, OPX and AllPath Connect combine software orchestration, physical layer intelligence and high-density fiber optics to enable Managed, Dynamic and Secure physical networks.

AP-4300 OPX Models:

AP-4340 OPX 32 x QSFP28 for 128 x 25 GbE ports
AP-4350 OPX 32 x QSFP28 for 32 x 100 GbE Ports


The AP-4300 OPX series features layer 1 SDN Optical Path Exchanges which are an integrated part of Fiber Mountain’s Glass Core solution for layer 1 networking. These software-controlled layer 1 switches provide low latency Programmable Light Path (PLP) connections for dynamic reconfiguration of paths in the Glass Core architecture with single mode and multimode managed optical 25GbE and 100GbE connectivity for Ethernet networks.

In conjunction with Fiber Mountain’s AllPath Director (APD) SDN orchestration software, AP-4300 OPX models also provide Point to Multipoint Connection functionality. Ideal for network tapping, this feature enables applications that require data received at a port to be replicated one or more times and sent to multiple unique output ports. APD provides advanced monitoring features to assist with complex tapping configurations in networked environments.

Orchestration—Layer 1 SDN

AllPath Director SDN orchestration software provides network-wide visibility, including discovery of products in the AP-4300 OPX family. Applications are designed to take advantage of the total network view, so tasks such as provisioning end-to-end connectivity are easily performed via point & click workflows. APD also provides documentation management with port labeling, reservation, asset management and more. Security is improved with audit trails providing historical records of provisioning and monitoring changes. A graphical rendering of the layer 1 topology provides a network-wide view of the physical layer, with enhanced features such as Path Finder, which draws out the connection path from a selected port to the destination.

Product Features

  • Low cost SDN-managed Layer 1 switch, fully non-blocking fabric
  • SDN Orchestration Software provides network-wide provisioning, tapping/monitoring, documentation and asset management support
  • Hot-swappable, load sharing, redundant power supplies
  • Point & click provisioning from copper and fiber breakout panels for 25GbE and 100GbE connectivity
  • Hot swappable fan modules. Front to Back or Back to Front for hot /cold aisle configurations
  • All data ports on front faceplate, fans and power supplies mounted on rear faceplate


The AP-4300 OPX series makes OPX solutions accessible to 25 Gb and 100 Gb Ethernet networks using single mode, multimode or both:

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