QSFP Breakout with Software-Controlled LEDs

Use software-controlled LEDs for status indication, remote guidance of technicians or other defined criteria.

LS-2525 QSFP+ Breakout with LEDs

Problem: While much of the equipment in modern data centers uses QSFP+ or MPO connectors, there are still times when it is necessary to break QSFPs out into duplex LC connections. Manual breakout using either hydra cables or standard panels is subject to human error in both execution and documentation.

Solution: Fiber Mountain’s LS-2525 enables the orderly breakout of dense eight-fiber connections into duplex single mode LC ports, with direct port mapping and software-controlled port-associated LEDs. The tri-color LEDs can be controlled via RESTful API, web interface or the AllPath Director orchestration system.

  • Control LEDs remotely to direct on-site technicians.
  • Set the LEDs to represent the associated network device's port status.
  • Integrate with Glass Core infrastructure and AllPath Director orchestration system.

Learn more about LS-2525.

Components of Fiber Mountain’s Glass Core:

  • AllPath Director is a centralized SDN orchestration system that provides real-time visibility and control of the network. This orchestration system is unique among SDN controllers because it is not confined to packet processing over a static infrastructure. AllPath Director ‘software defines’ the physical layer.

  • OPX Optical Path Exchange offers 160x10Gbps ports with dense MPO connectors and on-board optics. It has been measured at five nanoseconds port-to-port latency, enabling "bump-in-the-wire" optical switching with multicast support.

  • Sensus intelligent patch panels aggregate and break out duplex LC to MPO trunks. Each Sensus panel features an interactive management module screen that offers local or remote access for improved control and asset management. Two hot-swappable patching modules allow for dynamic breakout configurations.

  • L-Series Fiber Port Aggregators provide LC-to-MPO or MPO-to-MPO aggregation and QSFP breakout. Per-port LEDs and a variety of TIA-5638-D.3 2016-compliant fiber mapping options couple with AllPath Director and OPX to facilitate effective network control and visibility.

  • Super Premium Fiber Optic Cables ensure efficient and consistent data via a high-quality glass core and superior design. Cables equipped with ICID technology can be discovered by AllPath Director to provide visibility and complete control of the physical layer.

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