CrossCage Plus

Meet the first automated Meet-Me-Room solution for multi-tenant colocation data centers!

CrossCage Plus for Meet-Me-Room automation

Problem: In today’s colocation data centers, the delivery of Meet-Me-Room services is manual, and takes days or even weeks to complete. Technicians physically establish or change connections and document them by hand, which is an expensive, time-consuming process subject to human error.

Solution: Fiber Mountain’s CrossCage Plus uses the award-winning Glass Core to complete colocation data center cross-connect requests in minutes instead of weeks!

  • Deliver cross-connect services with unprecedented speed and accuracy.
  • Instant service delivery of connections from cage, to Meet-Me-Room, to carrier network.
  • Electronically documented and dynamically provisioned.
  • Customers can log into their web portal, request connection to a new carrier, and see the connection to their cage appear within minutes.
  • Enables new “Connection-On-Demand” services, such as flexible bandwidth connectivity plans.

Components of Fiber Mountain’s Glass Core:

  • OPX - Optical Path Exchange offers 160x10Gbps ports with dense MPO connectors and on-board optics. It has been measured at five nanoseconds port-to-port latency, enabling "bump-in-the-wire" optical switching with multicast support.
  • AllPath Connect family of fiber breakout interfaces, fiber port aggregators and ICID-enabled cables enable AllPath Director to configure and reconfigure direct Programmable Light Path (PLP) connections between devices without the need for human hands to manually move cables.
  • AllPath Director is a centralized SDN orchestration system that provides real-time visibility and control of the network. This orchestration system is unique among SDN controllers because it is not confined to just packet processing over a static infrastructure. AllPath Director ‘software defines’ the physical layer.

Ideal for any industry where ultra-low latency is essential!

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