Fiber Mountain’s Glass Core integrates software and hardware innovations to transform network infrastructure. AllPath Director, OPX, Sensus and L-Series Products combine software orchestration, physical layer intelligence and high-density fiber optics to enable Managed, Dynamic and Secure physical networks.

ICID Clips

LC Clips

LC ICIC Cables

Fiber Mountain’s Intelligent Connection Identification (ICID) clips allow any LC or MPO cable to become discoverable by AllPath Director (APD) Orchestration Software. ICID clips can communicate connectivity information from ICID-enabled panels to create a virtual topology of the physical layer. ICID clips can be field-installed onto non-ICID Fiber Mountain cables or third-party cables to retrofit any setup.

ICID clips also contain NFC technology. When an ICID clip is held in front of the logo below the management module screen on a Sensus device, the Sensus panel can detect and display manufacturer information directly from the cable.

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