AllPath® Connect L-Series



Fiber Mountain’s Glass Core integrates software and hardware innovations to transform network infrastructure. AllPath Director, OPX , Sensus and L-Series Products combine software orchestration, physical layer intelligence and high-density fiber optics to enable Managed, Dynamic and Secure physical networks.

Fiber Mountain’s L-Series Fiber Port Aggregators (FPAs) provide interactive fiber breakout and aggregation for a wide range of networking devices, simplifying installation and maintenance of increasingly dense fiber networks. All L-Series models provide LED indicators for each port, which can be controlled remotely via Fiber Mountain’s AllPath Director (APD) orchestration software, or locally from the attached network device. For example, the LS-2520 is designed specifically to act as a port replicator for Cisco’s NCS 1002.

Occupying only 2 RU, L-Series FPAs can break out or aggregate 24-fiber MPO, 12-fiber MPO or 8-fiber MPO interfaces to LC or MPO connectivity. FPAs are available in single mode OS2 fiber or multi mode OM4 fiber, and FPAs are available with several fiber mapping options, simplifying co

mpliance. Built-in power redundancy protects management functionality, allowing power to be supplied from two different sources.

Configurable LEDs:

Each port on both the front and rear faceplates has an associated tri-color LED, supporting red, green and amber. Depending on the selected configuration options, each LED’s color may be set to replicate the associated network device’s port status for port extender functionality, or may be controlled remotely for purposes such as technician guidance, or any other defined criteria.


Fiber Mountain’s Glass Core Orchestration – Layer 1 SDN:

AllPath Director SDN orchestration software provides network-wide visibility, including discovery of products in the L-Series FPA family. Applications are designed to take advantage of the total network view, so tasks such as provisioning end-to-end connectivity are easily performed via point & click workflows. APD also provides documentation management with port labeling, reservation, asset management and more. Security is improved with audit trails providing historical records of provisioning and monitoring changes. A graphical rendering of the layer 1 topology provides a network-wide view of the physical layer, with enhanced features such as Path Finder, which draws out the connection path from a selected port to the destination

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L-Series Intelligent Fiber Port Aggregator

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