Enterprise labs use expensive test equipment (TE) to perform various tests before implementing changes in their production networks. The high cost of this equipment necessitates optimizing the use of each unit, rather than simply purchasing new TE to fill new needs. Several complications commonly arise out of this situation:

  • Expensive equipment is exposed in a rack for technicians to patch in/out of, risking error or damage that can set schedules back by days or weeks if equipment is brought down.
  • Technicians must manually patch their Device Under Test (DUT) to the equipment they want to use, and manually re-patch at the TE side to change the DUT, which runs the risk of damage to the TE.
  • The TE is a limited resource, requiring all teams involved in testing to book and schedule both test time and the time required to manually bring down the original connection and configure a new connection to their DUT.
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Demo: Dynamic Network Infrastructure

Solution Brief: Lab Automation

Whether you need to troubleshoot a server, adhere to compliance or secure your network, tapping is an indispensable tool for any company. For the uninitiated, a network TAP is similar to a phone TAP. View Complete

The Glass Core™

Fiber Mountain’s Glass Core™ solution provides labs with unprecedented control and automation of their test configurations by introducing software control of the physical connections to their TE. Imagine the versatility of a lab that does not require scheduling a technician every time a connection change is necessary.

To tackle these problems, Fiber Port Aggregators (FPAs) can be utilized to aggregate all connections to TEs and DUTs. Connections can then be made from the FPAs to an Optical Path Exchange (OPX), which provides software-controlled cross connections in one-to-one or one-to-many configurations.

The Glass Core™
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Fiber Mountain’s Glass Core™ solutions allow unprecedented visibility and agility within the data center. Real-time, accurate documentation becomes an automated process, improving day-to-day management of data center operations and speeding up the resolution of unplanned downtime, security threats and conformance requests.


Lab Automation

Tired of re-cabling your lab for each test case?

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Cable once

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Up to 160 Duplex cross connects

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Remote controlled Cross connects. No Way!

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