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SiMPLphy – The all-in-one connectivity management software is now live!
Usama Azam

September 8, 2021

“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” Indeed I am quoting the famous designer, Milton Glasser who also happens to be the brain behind ‘I ❤️ NY’ Logo.

Why does design need to wow?

Design has the power to change the entire perception of a brand. A good design is what sets a brand apart from its competition and helps garner the desired emotion or feeling from its customers.

Aesthetically pleasing visuals may have a tendency to convince the user to give your product a try but it is the user experience that makes them stick with the product and win their loyalty. Who doesn’t want that? If the user feels at ease with the product, it leads to higher user retention. Instead of brief interactions, you will have long-lasting relationships, which sure sounds like a win. 

The scope of the design work is not limited to putting some curves together to come up with a company logo or putting text in order and spraying some colors for a ‘We’re Hiring’ banner. The choice of colors, hues, typography, images, texture, opacity, icons, and other design elements a designer uses in their canvas defines the kind of conversation that the brand wants to strike with the online audience. 

From engaging social media posts to having dedicated product pages on a website, solution briefs, datasheets, product videos, training material, and what not, designers get pulled in almost everywhere. The impression this digital, and even printed media leaves, have a huge potential to even drive conversions from online visitors to quantified leads.

Even companies who previously felt no need for it now appreciate having someone from the design front onboard. This domain has seen a massive boom and designers finally have a voice in all aspects of a product or brand, one that can be used to highlight the value that good design brings to businesses. However, in all the work we, the designers do, there has to be a right balance between the amount of information being put on and the artistic touch on any outbound market material or even application design – but mind you that, interface design is a whole new world with a lot of ifs and buts to be smartly taken care of.

Creating an Impact with Design

As they say, seeing is believing, at Fiber Mountain, we are very meticulous about the picture we paint in the mind of our viewers. The design approach itself has been through a long process of evolution. We started off with a brand mascot called Wallie to introduce our groundbreaking technologies to the physical layer world. The concept we were pitching was new in the industry and as a team, we never hesitated to experiment with unorthodox yet innovative ideas.

This got reflected well in our design and the first episode of how we carried ourselves in the digital world was all about educating the consumers about why is there a need for transforming their data centers.

Wallie helped a great deal there but as our products continued to mature and the Fiber Mountain’s convincing products started gaining traction and becoming the talk of the corporate town, we had to steer our direction. It was time to retire Wallie and adopt a professional and more sophisticated corporate outlook. Similarly, we updated all our marketing collaterals following the theme that resonates with the new branding.

In addition to rethinking the brand strategy for marketing, the same design thinking was carried over to our products. And to that effort, the OS interface for Sensus was completely overhauled to bring it inline with the overall Product Design. Here’s a quick glance at the new Diagnostics Tool called Bit-Error-Ratio Test that was created from the ground up to make it more intuitive and user-centric.

Our Sensus patch panels come with a feature intensive LCD screen to allow the user to interact with the device directly. To ensure a seamless user experience, the entire Sensus UI interface was revamped. The idea was to give it a modern touch and feel, make it more intuitive and centered around the user. 

Fiber Mountain is a design-centric company and here we believe in taking our time to design every aspect of the business and perfect it to the T. From recruiting events such as LaunchPad ‘21 to constructing product interface designs for AllPath Director, Sensus etc. and covering every aspect of sales and marketing efforts, every element of the design is carefully planned and thought out. 

We base our decisions on the insights collected from customers and carefully articulated experiences to benefit the end-user the most. Having all that said, experimenting with processes and trying new things is also a key factor in designing things that stand out and set us apart. 

Design is not just about visuals;
it’s about the journey

Design in its sense is simple; it is about making informed decisions with data, information, and feedback, recording the outcomes of those decisions with experimentation and continuous iteration and last but not the least, learning from our mistakes to make even better decisions.

The strength of a design lies as much in the steps taken to create it as it does in the result. The process including all the time, effort and attempts at solving the given design problem demonstrates the depth to which a designer is willing to go to on behalf of the client.

A thorough process and the right design thinking mindset will pretty much always guarantee a good result. Our team has worked hard to refine our design processes over time to make sure they are exactly what we need them to be. There isn’t any avenue at Fiber Mountain where design thinking is not involved and that makes our products stand out. In the crowd.

In the end, it is all about impact. When you see a logo for any big company you instantly recognize it, this is what design does! Creating associations in people’s minds with the brand to create an impact. Investing in design is investing in your brand. That’s our way of thinking at Fiber Mountain and we strive to create designs that transform identities. 

Want to become a part of the team? We have openings listed on our careers page. Take a look! 

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