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Fiber Mountain’s Sensus intelligent panels aggregate and break out fiber connectivity from high density MPO trunks to duplex LCs or MPO to MPO trunks. The Sensus patch panel is ideal for terminating data hall fiber runs, row to row or top of rack connectivity and QSFP breakout for switches.

100% Passive Patch Panel with Active Intelligence

How does Sensus work?

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Sensus Intelligent Patch Panel - An Overview

Smart Cables meet Smarter Patch Panel

All Sensus ports are equipped with sensors to detect cable presence and read ICID clips. Need to know how many free ports are on the patch panel or what kind of cable is plugged into the panel? Sensus has you covered.

Smarter Patch Panel
Management module

Management Module

The Sensus panel management module contains Near-Field Communications (NFC) technology to read the product information contained within the NFC tags of ICID-enabled cables. The Sensus management module has an integrated four-inch (4”) LCD touchscreen, which can display the cable information read by the NFC reader and provide detailed instructions of work orders to technicians for moves, adds, or changes.

Integrated Test Tools

Need to do a quick loop back test but can’t find your loop back tester? How about a bit error test (PRBS31)? Still looking for your expensive test equipment? The Sensus management module comes with a built-in test port, putting basic test tools like loop back and bit error testing at your fingertips. Your standard test tools may grow legs and walk away. Sensus’ built in test tools are always there when you need it.

Integrated Test Tools

Software Managed.

Software Managed

When deployed with the Fiber Mountain AllPath Director (APD) orchestration software, Sensus patch panels can be discovered and managed by software. The software provides network-wide visibility and automatic documentation of your physical layer.

Sensus Use Cases

Sensus Use Cases
Sensus Use Cases
Sensus Use Cases
Sensus Use Cases

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