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Fiber Mountain Inc is more than just an opportunity provider and everyone at FMI has a consensus on that. We assist our employees in identifying the role that they enjoy the most and has the potential for them to grow in, regardless of their background. As part of our talent hunt, we are announcing a 3-month internship program.

Here is how your three months at FMI are going to look like: The initial month will be focused on your basic skill development and gathering domain specific knowledge. In the second month, you will apply the skills you learned to real life projects. Finally, in month three, you will have an opportunity to present your projects. But this is not the end. Upon a final mutual evaluation, the internship can extend to an additional 9 months. These 9 months will be all about your rotation across various departments within Fiber Mountain Inc to get you the taste of everything.

We have all the fun stuff lined up for you to make the most of your precious time with us.

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Talk to us and let’s figure out your place @ FMI. We value individuals for who they are, and nurture them to do extraordinary things with us.




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